Dietary Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Dietary Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Dietary Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy hair growth is, to a large extent, dependent on healthy, nutritious diet. You need to take care of your hair by sticking to the following tips for healthy hair growth to ensure healthy hair.


Dietary Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

  1. Proper Protein Intake

The amino acids from which protein are made, are building blocks of new cells, including those of your hair. In this regard, five types of amino acids are important for hair growth. These include cysteine, cystine, lysine, arginine and methionine.

If the protein intake in your body is not as required, hair go into resting phase and a few months later, they start shedding. So the first tip from dietary tips for healthy hair growth is to make sure that your daily diet includes protein rich food items e.g. poultry, eggs, lean meat, fish, grains, seeds, soy, nuts and dairy products. It is imperative that your daily calorie count contains at least 15% of those gained from protein rich foods.

  1. Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates are the most ready source of energy and they contribute to the growth of cells, including hair cells. The Vitamin B found in them is necessary for proper hair growth.

However, the point to be focused as a second tip from dietary tips for healthy hair growth is that instead of consuming mostly the over refined carbs like white flour or sugars, you should try to consume non refined carbs e.g. you should rely more on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes and brown rice. It would be better if you take 50 to 60% of your daily calorie from these non refined carbs.

  1. Dietary fats

Fats, found in animal and plant foods, are an essential energy source. For balanced growth, you need to supply particular proportion of fat to your body. Consume a mixture of lean meat and plant sources to fulfill that need. Your daily calorie intake should be composed of 20 to 30% of fats.

  1. Nutritional Balance According to Personal Needs

Depending on a person’s particular metabolism, age, sex and health, dietary needs regarding each nutrition group may be different. However, you need to take care of following factors when deciding your menu for each meal and snacks;

  • Avoid too much junk food
  • Add variety to your daily food
  • Do not over cook
  • Try to consume as much natural and lightly cooked food as possible
  1. Accompany a good Diet with Carefully Chosen Supplements

Sometimes, the effectiveness of the diet you take can be boosted when you take some supplements alongside. These can be really helpful in proper hair growth. You might be needing them because;

  • The nutritional quality of food can be highly depleted due to modern farming techniques
  • Exercise can also deplete nutrients
  • Aging results in reduced efficiency of our body to utilize some nutrients
  • Dieting can affect level of nutrients
  • High stress can lower the healthy level of nutrients in body.

I hope that after going through this article you would have understood these  dietary tips for healthy hair growth and why it is so important for our hair to stick to those tips,  Stay healthy and glowing.

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