How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

Kidney stones or ureterolithiasis is a condition resulting from the mineral mass builds up from the metabolic wastes stored in kidneys. These kidney stones can cause pain and irritation depending on their size and shape. So we need to learn how to relieve kidney stone pain. Let us first understand how these stones are formed.

Formation of Kidney Stones

The food we take in digested by our digestive system which then discards the unwanted waste products. The waste is converted into stool and urine and is stored in kidneys which take it to bladder and then expel it through ureters. If the waste is not expelled, it may poison the body and cause serious health problems. Sometimes, these waste products consisting mainly of calcium, salts or minerals combine to build up small masses known as kidney stones, which can also result after an infection in urinary tract. Depending on their size, they can block ureters or other parts of urinary system, resulting in either the blockage in flow of urine or the corrosive and abrasive effects as it moves down the tract causing severe pain and discomfort.

How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

Ideally, the aim should be to get rid of the kidney stones and hence get rid of the pain. However, since this process may be time-consuming, one needs to take some steps to relieve kidney stone pain meanwhile. Some of the effective ways to do that are given below.

  • Drinking Water

Drinking lots of water would help break down the larger stones into small pieces, making their excretion easier and thus relieve kidney stone pain. So make sure you take a lot of water.

  • Walk and Other Exercises

Walking and spot jogging has been found to be effective in helping the stones travel down the tract. So , when the stones are dislocated and eventually excreted and thus help to relieve kidney stone pain.

  • Avoid Calcium and Vitamin Intake

As we know, the kidney stones are mostly formed by calcium and other minerals, so the additional intake of these minerals would add to the size of these stones, hence increasing the pain. So avoid calcium as much as possible. Similarly, check vitamin intake as well because vitamins bond up in bladder, adding to the mineral mass.

  • Diet Change

Some food items help break down the mineral masses, e.g. foods rich in magnesium, and citrus juices which break down the stones with the help of their acid content. Similarly, the diuretic foods like grapes, melons and others which can cleanse the kidneys should be consumed. Moreover, herbal tea, apple cider vinegar and juices also help relieve kidney stone pain by cleansing digestive system.

  •  Over the Counter Medications

A number of over the counter medications are available to relieve kidney stone pain but they need to be used according to doctor’s prescription. Depending on the level of severity, he may prescribe any of these medications; NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), opioids, narcotics and others. Moreover, some of the medications may also be administered through intravenous injections e.g. morphine.

  • Surgery and Alternative Medication

Though, some people may find the alternative ways like acupuncture and shock therapy as effective ways to relieve kidney stone pain, some also rely on surgery to physically remove the stones and get rid of the pain for good.

When the above mentioned methods to relieve kidney stone pain are used in combination, they work well and yield quick results.

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